We provide a variety of sessions themed around FOUR core pillars (details of all below):






Public Speaking

Karen’s ability to connect with her audience is integral to her work. She places particular importance on sharing knowledge and transferable skills that she has gained through both her personal ultra-endurance exploits and specific research in the area. The testimonials support her ability for honest, proactive, leading edge keynotes which have been gleaned from her experience of speaking to various public fora for over 25 years. Audiences from corporate stages to local community events all comment on her ability to bring energy and authenticity to her addresses.

Whether the focus is leadership, teamwork, proactivity in the workforce or team, or specific coping strategies that team players can employ to enhance performance, the insights she provides within these keynotes, are carefully researched and specifically tailored for each audience. 


Corporate sessions for enhancing workplace performance

Every company has space for improvement in workers’ performance. Today’s social media and distraction can easily detract from workers true performance levels. Karen will share workable tools that not only improve employees efficiency, but can also boost team morale.
In the 1970’s, elite sport borrowed insights for enhancing performance from the world of business. Since then, psychological strategies employed by the worlds top athletes have revealed additional effective tools, both practical and cognitive in nature, which are highly transferable back into the work place. They cover areas such as optimal performance, teamwork, leadership, empathy, self-management and enhancing a positive and proactive workplace. The transferable tools that prove most effective within ultra endurance sports and the corporate world, is where Karen’s expertise lies. Having completed a MSc and PhD in the area of effective cognitive coping and motivation, Karen has not only tested and employed these strategies personally through her extensive expeditions, but also has effectively transferred these to individuals and team in the corporate and sporting world. Let Karen share specific, effective strategies with your company, thereby steering your team towards a more productive, and therefore happier workforce.

Training & Active Psychology

Mental and Physical Training Sessions using Active Psychology Techniques

These one day sessions are geared towards building your mental strength for exercise adherence and enhanced performance. Providing you with effective mental tools is the priority for these sessions. However, each session has an ‘active psychology’ section, where a selection of transferable cognitive tools will be shared, and then tested by you throughout the day, providing the opportunity for you to explore which ‘mind games’ work best for you personally. The active segments of these sessions incorporates cycling and circuit elements, all specifically tailored to your ability level. The skills learnt should help you optimize training and also prove beneficial to your everyday life. All courses will involve small group numbers, so that we can ensure everyone gains from the session. Please bring along your own bike if possible. If you need a bike let us know and we can organise one for you. Sign up at ‘UPCOMING COURSES’ in the drop down menu.


These sessions are geared towards people with minimal experience in cycling or training. Also those who find it challenging to ‘get the ball rolling’ when it comes to training and exercise adherence. These one day sessions will incorporate both physical and mental sessions, but at a gentle (ish!) pace. The Level One is aimed at encouraging anyone who is apprehensive of ‘training’, so please trust us to keep this group at a user friendly pace! Specific details of what the Level One course involves, plus availability, can be viewed in this sections drop down menu ‘UPCOMING COURSES’.

If you have done a bit of cycling before, and are currently relatively active but are finding it challenging to push to the next level of fitness and adhere to a training schedule, then this is level for you.  The day will incorporate physical exercise at a moderate pace. Although we will do some cycling and specific exercises to build strength, the primary focus will be to learn cognitive coping tools which will help you teach your mind to overcome and manage challenges, both in your training world, but also applicable for life in general too. Specific details of what the Level Two course involves, plus availability, can be viewed in this sections drop down menu ‘UPCOMING COURSES’.

Performance psychology: Group & Individual Mental Training

Achieving your optimal potential in sport, and in life, involves training yourself both mentally and physically, thereby building your resilience levels and capacity for overcoming challenges and stressors. Karen’s thirty years of experience working with athletes, from individual and team disciplines, plus her personal ultra-endurance achievements, validates her deep seated knowledge in the area of mind management. Having specific mental tools to work through constant knocks during competition, or maintaining a proactive mindset during training or endurance challenges, allows you to become your best self, to perform at your optimal levels of ability. Give yourself the best chance of success by contacting Karen and setting up a productive, beneficial, individual or group session.